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Following a big night on the town, you'll probably opt to sleep in. Good idea. You'll be doing a lot of walking in Greenwich Village.

Once you're up and at 'em, navigate your way to the nearest train station and head down to Greenwich Village (nestled between Houston and 14th Streets). Here you'll find plenty of places to stop and grab a bite to eat, including the 2nd Avenue Delicatessen and Restaurant or somewhere a little more tourist-friendly such as Jekyll and Hyde.

The first thing you'll notice about Greenwich Village is how different it is compared to Times Square. Again, the diversity. The Village is a quaint, residential neighborhood lined with four-story brownstones situated on cobblestone streets. The streets are dotted with craft shops, boutiques, pubs and artsy hangouts. It's also much less congested than Times Square.

Within the boundaries of Greenwich Village lies New York University's campus, making it a hub for college students. The Village is also a thriving area for off-Broadway theatergoers. Take in one of the shows. They're generally off the beaten path, sometimes racy, and a little cheaper than Broadway.

If you were lucky enough to swindle a matinee production of an off-Broadway show, you're probably ready for a nice stroll. The Village is a great place to shop, whether you prefer the trendy fashion district of SoHo (South of Houston St.) or the bargain basements of the East Village. It's all here in Greenwich Village.

If you don't mind a little walk (or you can jump on the train), head up to Chelsea for dinner and a taste of Manhattan's nightlife. Chelsea is five blocks from the Village, between 14th and 34th Streets on the West Side. Appease your palate at Mary Ann's, a small place on 8th St. that dishes out some mean Mexican. Or you can try Bendix, whose motto is "Get Fat." Both are reasonably priced and offer a wide variety of entrees.

After you've stuffed yourself, you can work off some of your dinner with a walk around town. If it's not too late, cruise on over to 5th Ave. and scour for some open shops or indulge in an after-dinner drink at Peter McManus, a lively Irish pub on the corner of 19th and 7th. Beware, if you opt for Pete's, you may not leave until the wee hours of the morning.

Other places to check out in Greenwich Village are Caliente Cab, the Art Bar, and Cornelius St. Café.

If you're planning to spend more time in the city, remember to add Uptown and the Outer Boroughs to your itinerary. Don't worry about cramming everything into one trip. New York's just too big. The good thing about this city is that it never changes. You can pick up right where you left off on your next visit and maybe even stay in a Greenwich Village Hotel.

So where do you stay in New York City to be in or near Greenwich Village?

Stay Directly at Greenwich Village Hotels

Staying directly at New York City Greenwich Village is the ideal way in which to completely experience it its culture and cuisine.  The hotels in Greenwich village below are some of the most popular hotels in New York City Greenwich Village or with a short cab ride to Greenwich village (about 2-5 blocks).  These hotels have hundreds of saitisfied guest reviews so that you can be certain that they meet your needs.

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