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New York City is like several large cities combined into one. Each New York City borough, neighborhood, or community district has a unique cultural ambiance all of its own. Before you travel to New York City, take some time learn about these NYC neighborhoods.  Be sure to select the right NYC neighborhood for your budget that is in close proximity to the reason for your trip, whether its business, siteseeing, or just cultural enrichment.

New York City Times Square Hotels

Times Square, which sits between 42nd and 47th Streets, is lined with shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, comedy clubs, and it's the gateway to Broadway. Most everything you do in this part of town will cost money, and lots of it. Times Square Hotels are expensive and Las-Vegas-like hotel specials exisit "almost never". Even the old stand-by chain restaurants, including TGI Friday's and Wendy’s have jacked up their prices to get their fair share of your wallet out of this neck of the tourist woods.

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New York City Greenwich Village Hotels

Following a big night on the town, you'll probably opt to sleep in. Good idea. You'll be doing a lot of walking in Greenwich Village.

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