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New York City Gay Travel

New York City has to be one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world and there are several communities including Jackson Heights in Queens, Chelsea in Manhattan and Greenwich Village which have a high gay and lesbian population. Chelsea and Greenwich Village are the destinations of choice for many New York City Gay and Lesbian Travelers. Both neighborhoods boast homosexual-friendly stores and restaurants. Nightclubs and bars specially catering to gays and lesbians are concentrated in these neighborhoods as well. An up-and-coming gay-friendly neighborhood in the Outer Boroughs is the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn.

Need a Gay and Lesbian Friendly Hotel Tonight in NYC?

Among the many great gay and lesbian friendly hotels to choose form consider these highly rates boutique hotels in NYC.  Hang your hat at the Eventi Kimpton Boutique Hotel, the Chelsea Pines Inn, or the Washington Square Hotel in the New York City Chelsea area.

NYC Gay and Lesbian Culture

Greenwich Village hosts a neighborhood-wide Gay Pride gala during Gay Pride Week each year and is home to Stonewall, site of one of the most important Gay Rights Demonstrations of the 1960s. The Annual Halloween Village Halloween Parade, a gay-friendly event on Sixth Avenue, also draws many gay travelers. There is a weekly newsletter called The Blade, which can be found at free boxes around the town informing of topics within the gay community. The Gay and Lesbian Switchboard of New York and the Gay and Lesbian National Hotline both provide entertainment and cultural information for the gay community. Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center offers a free visitor's welcome pack, full of helpful information such as the Gay Yellow Pages, local listings and events calendars. Gay Men's Health Crisis on 119 W 24th Street provides health care for those with HIV, blood testing and various counselling services. A 24 hour helpline for gay victims of violence is provided by the NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project.

NYC Gay and Lesbian Bars and Clubs

Restaurants and clubs specifically catering for the NYC gay and lesbian clientele have emerged in the last couple of decades. There are free lists to inform you of what's happening on the gay scene, called HX/Homo Xtra, Village Voice and the Gay Yellow Pages, which are available at many of the bars and restaurants in New York. Many of the gay bars and clubs cater for men, although most of them will welcome the opposite sex. Clubs host a weekly or monthly gay night and although the entertainment is varied, transvestite shows are the most popular. The Saint at Large brain trust is responsible for many of New York's biggest gay parties, including the Black Party which is a night of frolicking for men in leather clad gear and their chained partners. Flamingo now hosts the "Clit Club" - the most popular party for women. Grolier, Crazy Nanny's and Henrietta Hudson are all clubs that cater just for women.

Many gay and lesbian bars and clubs are opening up and the borough hosts its own Gay Pride Parade each year, usually a week before the Manhattan event. Visitors from around the globe flock to New York for the Gay Pride parade, which is held on Fifth Avenue on the last weekend of June and Greenwich Village is a popular tourist destination. The expensive rents in West Village and the number of tourists trying to get a glimpse of gay life have forced the gay community to move uptown to nearby Chelsea. This is now the hottest gay neighbourhood in New York, with gyms, restaurants and a wide range clubs. There are restaurants and lesbian clubs on the 10 blocks of Hudson Street, as well as a host of gay bars Uptown.

Best Gay and Lesbian Bars and Clubs in New York City

Don't Tell Mama:
343 W 46th Street
Tel: 757-0788

61 Christopher Street
Tel: 255-5438

Henrietta Hudson:
438 Hudson Street
Tel: 924-3347

Crazy Nanny's:
21 7th Avenue South
Tel: 366-6312

Marie's Crisis Cafe:
59 Grove Street
Tel: 243-9323

159 W 10th Street
Tel: 929-9672

Town House:
236 E 58th Street
Tel: 754-4649

Saint at Large:
Tel: 212-674-8541

219 Second Avenue, between 13th and 14th streets.

Don Hill's:
511 Greenwich Street, near Spring Street
Tel: 212-219-2850

The Lure:
409 W 13th Street:
Tel: 212-741-3919

80 Grove Street
Tel: 212-924-3558

59 Gansevoort Street
Tel: 212-727-1666

531 Hudson Street
Tel: 212-929-3343

The Cock:
188 Avenue, near E 12th Street
Tel: 212-777-6254

32 Second Avenue, near E 2nd Street
Tel: 212-533-5757

Meow Mix:
269 E Houston Street
Tel: 212-254-0688

275 West 22nd Street
Tel: 212-645-8613

50 W 17th Street at Sixth Avenue
Tel: 212-691-0073

357 W 16th Street
Tel: 212-995-1400

Other Useful Gay and Lesbian New York City Information:

NYC Gay & Lesbian National Hotline:

Tel: 888-843-4564
6pm - 10pm weekdays
12 noon - 5pm Saturdays

NYC Gay and Lesbian Switchboard:

Tel: 212-989-0999
6pm - 10pm weekdays
12 noon - 5pm Saturdays

NYC Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center:

208 W 13th Street
Tel: 212-620-7310
9am - 11pm daily

NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project:

240 W 35th Street
Tel: 212-714-1184
24 hour hotline

Gay Men's Health Crisis:

119 W 24th Street
Tel: 212-367-1000 or 800-243-7692

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