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New York City Solo Travel

The place for the solo traveler depends on his/her particular interest. If you want to be sure to meet a lot of other travelers, good places to start are Greenwich Village or the Upper West Side. With the bustling nightlife in each spot, you'll be sure to meet fellow travelers and you'll have plenty to keep you busy.

Students Enjoy Greenwich Village

Students, with the hope of meeting like-minded and like-aged visitors, should stay in Greenwich Village, home to New York University, or near Columbia University on the Upper West Side. In those areas, you'll be able to enjoy what the college crowd enjoys and be nearest to those establishment that offer student discounts.

Stay Solo on the East Side

If you're solo and want a vacation where you can plot your own course and even have a few moments to yourself, a good place to stay is on the East Side. The mood of the neighborhoods is quieter and with fewer tourists crowding about, you'll get a chance to explore New York City at your own pace.

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